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There is  more than four  years we work  in the website segment, solving the problem of companies, artists and bands that still don't have an internet marketing vehicle.  For this, there are several ways from  creation of virtual stores, catalogs, Blogs or the  website creation.  We plan, create, develop and adapt ideas to new trends using new tools and applications in On and Off-line management for small, medium-sized companies, artists and bands.  THE  website creation  consists of identifying the customer's needs, defining the layout, sending the content of the future website and assembling it.  US  catalogs, we register the customer's products where he can create a specific description, adding more than one photo for each product. But if he needs to sell through the website, we have the stores integrated with the  PagSeguro and PayPal in which we adapted the company's visual identity to our system.




website creation

Website creation is one of the marketing segments that allows companies and artists to promote their products or services on the internet. We use the latest technologies so that the information reaches the greatest number of future customers and partners. Currently, the easy access to the internet through mobile devices has provided a search for accessible sites that work, necessarily, on these devices.  We aim to create sites that are relevant to users and search engines, at this moment of creation, it is important that the company explains in detail all the services and products that it wants to publicize and present on the site, this serves both for the  creation of virtual stores and the work that the artist wants to exhibit.

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advanced seo


Google search engine on your site with keywords  aimed at your business,  so that you  get better results  consequently winning more customers.

email connected


We connect your email directly to the  website so you don't miss  no customers, and or we provide a special package of up to 3 email accounts for you.

modern design


Website with a modern design that loads extremely fast on any device and  with a structure that keeps the visitor browsing for longer.

Virtual store

For many companies, an institutional website is not enough and it is necessary to create a catalog or a virtual store.

In the catalog, it is possible to disclose all your products, but the user will not be able to buy through the website. This model is ideal for companies that prefer not to work with carriers.

Unlike catalogs, virtual stores work as in the main e-commerce networks and for system security reasons, all stores have the Pag Seguro system . In the virtual store, the customer will have full control over expenses, inventory management, insert products, categories, change the company description.

the easiest way to sell online

turn your idea into your own business
Make your store look amazing and reach customers wherever they are.

offer multiple payment methods

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