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Graça Cunha began her career in 1993, as a soloist in Oswaldo Montenegro's Nocturnal Musical, at Oficina dos Menestréis.  In her career, the singer has more than 2000 works that have been aired (among jingles and voiceovers for TV, Radio and Cinema), as well as participation in CDs by renowned artists, such as Rita Lee, Jota Quest, Skank, Paulo Miklos, among others.  His most recent participations were in CDs released abroad, such as Eletrobossa   Nights (Azul Music) and Brazilian Divas (Experience Records, released only in Japan), and in Brazil, on the CDs Cartola para Todos (MCD), A look  Corciolli (Blue Music) and Rio 58  Roberto Coelho (MCD).  His voice is also present in the Documentaries Pelé Eterno (2004), Cantoras do Rádio (Nov./2008) and Fiel, o Filme   documentary about Corinthians, released in April/2009. The singer integrated  from 2005 to 2016 the Band of the Altas Horas Program by Serginho Groisman da Rede  Globe.  In 2007, he released his first CD Solo De Virada, by Gravadora Azul Music.  With this album, Graça Cunha was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2 categories: Best MPB CD and New Artist. He also received an honorable review from Nélson Motta for his work, in the Programa Sintonia Fina

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